Eng. Francesco Bastone was born in Livorno on 17.11.1969 and Eng. Giovanni Calvo was born in Cecina on 15.1.1968, graduated in Pisa in Mechanical Engineering specialized car design, founded the Association in 2008 after many years of experience in the design of underwater weapon, lived in mutual cooperation.

The passion for the sports cars world gives to engineers the desire for further study in this area inducing them to analyze the main aspects of vehicle dynamics with particular attention to problem of contact between tire and road.

The association offers its knowledge and professionality to manage and develop industrial projects in the areas of automotive (cars, two and three wheeled vehicles, trains, trucks, tractors, etc.), marine, aerospace, aeronautic, industrial plants.
The association follows all steps of design, from concept to industrialized product, going from technical translation of the "needs" to three-dimensional modeling, from construction documentation to FEM and CFD analysis.

Studio di Ingegneria Associato Ing. F. Bastone - Ing. G. Calvo Partita IVA 01605770492